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Core Paint font

October 21, 2014 |

Download Core Paint font

Core Paint font by Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm, and Dong-Kwan Kim (S-Core type foundry) is a picturesque San Serif family inspired by the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock’s “action painting” technique. Core Paint is a layered texture … Read More

AmpleAlt font

October 19, 2014 |

Download AmpleAlt font

AmpleAlt font by Aakash Soneri (Soneri Type foundry) is an alternate version of the Ample monoline Sans family. AmpleAlt font family shares the same Ample’s distinctive features: clean shapes, a combination of straight-line strokes and smooth curve … Read More

Basel Neue font

October 18, 2014 |

Download Basel Neue font

Basel Neue font by Isac Rodrigues (isaco type foundry) is a fine, highly legible Sans Serif with a humanist construction. It’s a thorough redesign of the isaco’s first typeface BaselSans ITD. Basel Neue font family is … Read More

Catalina font

October 17, 2014 |

Download Catalina font

Catalina font by Kimmy Kirkwood (Kimmy Design type foundry) is a prolific family offering handmade organic looking full-blooded lettering. Catalina font family is inspired by a charming bakery in Newport Beach, CA with its handwritten menus, chalkboards … Read More

Fantasy font

October 16, 2014 |

Download Fantasy font

Fantasy font by Sabrina Mariela Lopez (Typesenses type foundry) is a classy innovative type family featuring a mix between Roman types and patterned Lombardic decorations.

Open the Fantasy treasure chest and find inside: Fantasy Pro version with … Read More

Local Market font

October 16, 2014 |

Download Local Market font

Local Market font is a charming collection of fonts and illustrations developed in 3 font styles including different weights, extras, labels and banners. The bundle features a beautiful script font with elegant simple curves and smooth … Read More

Signyard font

October 15, 2014 |

Download Signyard font

Signyard font by Jay Hilgert is a typeface based on the famous and absolutely charming Microbrew family. Once again it is a font with vivid and pronounced vintage appearance influenced by the incandescent bulbs incorporated in the … Read More

Frieze font

October 15, 2014 |

Download Frieze font

Frieze font is a brand new Serif typeface designed by very interesting type duo – Michael Harvey (famous for his work for Adobe and Monotype and fonts like Moonglow, Strayhorn, Mezz and Andreas) and Andy Benedek (metallurgist … Read More

Bowling Script

October 15, 2014 |

Download Bowling Script

Bowling Script is a modern decorative typeface family with a very distinctive appearance that is characterized by extensive alteration and a lot of swashes. It consists of two fonts – Bowling Script and Bowling Script Balls. They … Read More


October 15, 2014 |

Download Citronela font

Citronela by Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero (Andinistas type foundry) is a jolly, vivid and casual decorative handwritten type family. This diverse cartoon-like family accommodates equally comfortable both on packages, logos, posters, branding, ads, and more, bringing fresh … Read More


October 14, 2014 |

Download Quitador

Quitador typeface is designed by the German typographer Arne Freytag and published by Linotype. Quitador is a monolinear Slab Serif font family with humanistic touch. It comes in 7 weights (from Ultra Light to Ultra Bold) plus their … Read More

Praise font

October 14, 2014 |

Download Praise font

Praise font by Rob Leuschke (TypeSETit type foundry) is a beautiful and versatile script family coming in seven unique variations tailored to fit to any professional graphic design needs. Praise Script font, Praise Brush font, Praise Sport … Read More

Fox Grotesque Pro

October 12, 2014 |

Download Fox Grotesque Pro

Fox Grotesque Pro typeface is the sophisticated and more advanced version of the existing Fox Grotesque family by TipografiaRamis type foundry. Situated right at the border between the geometry of Modern Sans and the beauty of … Read More

Peter font

October 12, 2014 |

Download Peter font

Peter font is the debut font of the German type designer Philip Lammert and is the first one released by his own type foundry Calligrafiction. In fact the idea of this font came across Philip’s mind while … Read More

Duwal Pro font

October 12, 2014 |

Download Duwal Pro font

Duwal Pro font by Dennis Dünnwald (Volcano type foundry) is a contemporary Serif Old Styler featuring certain humanistic characteristics. It shows high stroke contrast, tall x-height, delicately crafted curves and calligraphic terminals in contrast to the … Read More

Love Script

October 10, 2014 |

Download Love Script

Love Script – if you like the brush writing of Neil Summerour, then you definitely will like this hot new font even more. It is a perfect balance between shape and contrast where the natural handwriting is … Read More