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Elise font

September 1, 2014 |

Download Elise font

Elise font by Alex Liebold (Context type foundry) is a charming multilayered display font family. It’s decorative, ornamental & embossed bringing sweet retro-vintage feeling. Elise typeface is full of customizable settings for your unique, vivid, and colourful … Read More

Meeko FY font

August 30, 2014 |

Download Meeko FY font

Meeko FY font is the latest addition to the growing collection of Fontyou – the first collaborative type foundry. This time in the spot light is Valentine Proust, a co-founder of Fontyou and famous for her … Read More

Torio font

August 29, 2014 |

Download Torio font

Torio font by Dino dos Santos and Pedro Leal (DSType foundry) is an elegant cursive script, created as a result of a comprehensive study of the 18th century Spanish calligrapher’s Torio de la Riva book “Arte de … Read More

Tolyer font

August 27, 2014 |

Download Tolyer font

Tolyer font is an extra large super family of 50 fonts! In many cases quantity doesn’t mean quality but here we have such a big abundance of contrast, styles, weights and special effects in one place that … Read More

Lulo font

August 27, 2014 |

Download Lulo font

Lulo font is a hot new font family by Yellow Design Studio – probably the most experienced in 3D multilayer typography foundry. As we are used to see in other fonts created by them like Thisrty Rough, … Read More

Janko FY font

August 26, 2014 |

Download Janko FY font

Janko FY font is an attractive brush cursive co-created by Joachim Vu & Fontyou - the first collaborative type foundry. Crisp, sharp, fresh and rhythmic – these are the words that describe it best for its specific … Read More

Aina font

August 22, 2014 |

Download Aina font

Aina font by the Scottish graphic designer Jason Aitcheson (The Northern Block type foundry) is a charming modernist Sans Serif type family with clear and visually strong geometry favouring some neo-humanist features such as low stroke contrast, … Read More

Galea Display

August 22, 2014 |

Download Galea font

Galea Display by Isabel Urbina-Peña (Letra Type foundry) is a narrow stylish high-contrast Serif with long ascenders and descenders. Its ‘El Greco’ proportions and curly terminals further contribute to the elegant, neat and gentle outlook. As you … Read More

Plathorn font

August 21, 2014 |

Download Plathorn font

Plathorn font by Jeremy Dooley (insigne type foundry) is a comprehensive type family inspired by the great old & wild American West outdoors. It’s classic but free spirited, it’s contemporary but noble, it’s Serif but with subtle … Read More

Precious Sans Two

August 20, 2014 |

Download Precious Sans Two

Precious Sans Two by Nick Cooke (G-Type foundry) is a contemporary Sans Serif type family – a thorough revision of the 2002 PostScript Precious Sans font. The new Precious Sans Two family is stylish and fine; … Read More

Three Dee font

August 18, 2014 |

Download Three Dee font

Three Dee font by Anna Stoltenberg and Axel Stoltenberg (URW++ type foundry) is unique with its 12,400 overlapping glyphs resembling handwritten lettering with chalk on a blackboard. In fact, the idea of creating Three Dee typeface … Read More

Brix Sans

August 18, 2014 |

Download Brix Sans

Brix Sans by Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel (HVD Fonts type foundry) is a modern Sans Serif family with classic geometry and pure shapes. After two years of designing a sheer complement to the well-known Brix … Read More

Pinel Pro font

August 16, 2014 |

Download Pinel Pro font

Pinel Pro font is a serif font that draws its inspiration from the work of the famous French typographer Joseph Pinel. He liked to be called “typographical engineer” but was indeed a draftsman at the Linotype … Read More

Flamenca font

August 16, 2014 |

Download Flamenca font

Flamenco! This word has always been associated with fire! Fiery people, fiery tempers, fiery music, fiery country. In fact, Flamenco is the result of one of the finest mixtures in the history of art – Jewish, Arab, … Read More

Hangulatin font

August 16, 2014 |

Download Hangulatin font

In 2012 Anita Jürgeleit – a German type designer, was about to undertake a journey to Korea. For a very trivial reason – fear not to get lost, she decided to study the Korean writing system. What … Read More

Halogen Slab

August 15, 2014 |

Download Halogen Slab

Halogen Slab – this is the latest evolutionary addition to the growing family of Halogen fonts. Just like its brother Halogen Flare this hot new one uses the same skeleton of existing Halogen typeface. This time instead … Read More