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Erotica font

Erotica font
Download Erotica font

Erotica font, by Lián Types is probably one of the best calligraphic font families designed ever. Unlike many other similar fonts, Erotica is so flexible, sophisticated and well-designed that you could customize almost everything in your word or text. Moreover – every glyph, swash or outline carries the spirit of elegance, emotions and even love feeling. We’re thrilled by the inline version of erotica script which shows a perfect balance between the thinnest outlines of every swash and the solid strokes of the glyphs.
Erotica is sold with two additional slab serif fonts featuring only Capital letters and a single font with fleurons and ornaments. If you want to write about love, or to design a Valentine greeting, then you definitely must get your copy of Erotica – now available at 20% discount.

Erotica font was awarded a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” in the 2013 TDC2.

Designers: Maximiliano Sproviero
Lián Types



Erotica font

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