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HS Almaha font

HS Almaha font HS Almaha font
Download HS Almaha font

HS Almaha font is a modern Arabic typeface that offers many OpenType features. It can be characterized as a very successful combination as it features elements of modern Kufi and linear Naskh. The segments of its letters are made sharper and curvier in order to achieve greater readability. HS Almaha font supports Kurdish, Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages and offers to its users four weights – light, regular, medium and bold. This makes it a great contemporary addition for the Arabic fonts’ family and very suitable for use in books, magazines, newspapers etc.

HS Almaha font is designed by the Arabic designer Hasan Abu Afash, founder of Hiba Studio of Gaza, Palestine. Educated as an engineer, he has a wide range of interests in the field of type design. His work includes creating Arabic fonts, converting fonts from Mac to PC, programming Arabic fonts in OpenType etc. Also, Hasan Abu Afash participates in a number of very important projects in the Arabic world like Burj Dubai Shilia project. His huge gallery of contemporary Arabic fonts features: HS Almidad font, HS Ishraq font, HS Alhandasi font, HS Alkitab font, etc.

Get HS Almaha – your modern Arabic font!

Supported languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Kurdish, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu

Designers: Hasan Abu Afash
Publisher: Hiba Studio



HS Almaha font

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