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Urby Soft typeface

Soft typeface
Download Urby Soft typeface

Urby Soft typeface is a modern font family with a very interesting concept behind its creation. The idea of this typeface is to combine striking character with technical functionality. Urby Soft typeface with its rounded corners is an integral part of Urby Collection where it is greatly complemented by the edged character Urby font family. Although each of them has its distinctive own look, both families can be used interchangeably, which will lead to outstanding results. However, if you chose to use only Urby Soft, it will quickly become clear that the tension between active, dynamic shapes and geometric construction make this font family a remarkable tool for branding relating to sports, outdoor activities, energy or technology.

Urbi Soft font family includes 5 dynamic, duplexed and smooth fonts – Urby Soft Thin, Urby Soft Light, Urby Soft Regular, Urby Soft Bold and Urby Soft Black. Each of them contains more than 620 glyphs. The different weights and styles are designed in such a manner as to share identical character widths, allowing you to change the weight or style of text without having to worry about text reflow. This fact makes the typeface simply perfect for interface design. What is more – despite being eye catching at display sizes, Urby Soft works surprisingly well for short text.

Urby soft typeface is designed by the well-known German designer Jacob Runge and is released under the label of TypeMates – the type foundry of Jakob and Nils Thomsen. It is another successful project, like Pensum Pro and Cera Brush.

Get Urby Soft typeface and discover the beauty of its rounded forms!

More than 90 supported languages. OTF and TTF for desktop and apps, plus woff, woff2 and eot for web.

Designer: Jakob Runge
Publisher: TypeMates



Soft typeface

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