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Exo Soft

June 9, 2015 |

Download Exo Soft font

Exo Soft is a contemporary sans serif font family that is designed as a companion to the previously released Exo Slab Pro. It complements the latter and both now form an extended family that is very … Read More

Kazimir font

June 2, 2015 |

Download Kazimir font

Kazimir font family is a debut on our site for two very devoted Russian designers – Yury Ostromentsky and Ilya Ruderman and their CSTM Type foundry. Both designers have solid education in the field of type design … Read More

Cyrillic Alphabet

May 23, 2015 |

24th of May is the official Day of the Cyrillic alphabet

Dear friends,

The 24th of May is the official Day of the Slavonic Alphabet & Culture. This celebration is dedicated to the Saints Cyril and Methodius – the authors … Read More

Marco font

May 23, 2015 |

Download Marco font

Marco font family is a modern typeface most prominent with its perfect readability. It draws its inspiration from as early as 15th century and the works of the type designers of Italy of that time and more … Read More

Comforter font

May 16, 2015 |

Download Comforter font

Comforter font family is a very funny and quirky contemporary typeface characteristic with its upright brush style and handwritten appearance. It is like this font family has two faces – it is modern and still traditional, funny … Read More

TT Chocolates

May 4, 2015 |

Download TT Chocolates font

We have a question for you – have you ever tasted something more delicious than chocolate? Have you ever tried a finer, sweeter and life-asserting thing? Well, if you, like us, are fans of this magnificent … Read More

Cera Pro

April 19, 2015 |

Download Cera Pro font

Cera PRO is a modern sans serif typeface designed by the German designer Jacob Runge between 2013 and 2015. It is inspired by pure geometry and, as such, has a really elegant appearance and extremely high legibility, … Read More


April 15, 2015 |

Download Cradley font

Cradley is a very elegant modern typeface that has its roots deep in the Baroque era. It was inspired particularly by the work of William Caslon I – a fundamental figure in the field of type design … Read More


April 15, 2015 |

Download Webnar font

Webnar is a contemporary sans serif font family with pronounced geometric appearance. It is a new offer by the very familiar Newcastle-upon-Tyne based The Northern Block. In particular, Webnar font family is a brainchild of the very … Read More

Burford Rustic

April 10, 2015 |

Download Burford Rustic font

Burford Rustic is a new serif font family that is a nice alternative to the already released Burford typeface. In fact apart from an alternative it could become a real extension and complementation as the two typefaces … Read More