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Attractive font by lettersoup

February 4, 2019 |

Buy Attractive font family

Attractive type system comes in 104 styles and 4 widths with extended coverage of the Latin-, Greek- and Cyrillic Script. The design origins of Attractive are in early-20th centuries technical style aesthetics, but they are combined … Read More

Cera Round Pro font family

April 3, 2017 |

Download Cera Round Pro font

Cera Round Pro font family is the latest addition to the large pan-European Cera collection. It also includes the popular Cera, the stenciled Cera Stencil and the hand written Cera Brush. As its companions Cera … Read More

Ropa Mix Pro type family

January 24, 2017 |

Download Ropa Mix Pro type family

Ropa Mix Pro type family designed by Botio Nikoltchev (Lettersoup) is the third charming sister of the Ropa Type System. While Ropa Sans is cool and somewhat technical – almost like brushed steel and … Read More

Milka typeface – the perfection of the clean stencil design

September 1, 2016 |

Download Milka typeface

Milka typeface is an 8-style stencil font family created by a team of designers born within the span of almost 70 years. It is a digital expansion on an alphabet designed in 1979 by the famous Bulgarian … Read More

PF Centro Slab Press – a version of a great typeface

June 11, 2016 |

Download PF Centro Slab Press

PF Centro Slab Press is a modern font family that is a version of the great Centro Slab. The latter was released in 2006 and became an instant success, winning several awards with Gold Award … Read More

PF Adamant Sans Pro

October 26, 2015 |

Download PF Adamant Sans Pro font

PF Adamant Sans Pro is a modern sans serif font family that is the successor of the very successful PF Adamant Pro – award winner at the Granshan Awards 2014. This time Vedran Eraković … Read More

Averta typeface

July 26, 2015 |

Download Averta typeface

Averta typeface is a contemporary sans serif font family that is characteristic with its simple and very friendly appearance. It is a very fine embodiment of the ideas that led to the creation of the grotesque and … Read More

LeOsler font

July 12, 2015 |

Download LeOsler font

LeOsler is a modern display font family that is the first entry on our site for the Argentine designer Julia Martinez Diana and her Antipixel type foundry. A graduate from University of Buenos Aires, Julia is a … Read More


June 28, 2015 |

Download Abrade font

Abrade is a font family especially designed to serve the ever growing needs of the contemporary users. The two words with which this typeface could best be described are rationality and legibility. Everything in Abrade’s design is … Read More

Marco font

May 23, 2015 |

Download Marco font

Marco font family is a modern typeface most prominent with its perfect readability. It draws its inspiration from as early as 15th century and the works of the type designers of Italy of that time and more … Read More