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Natura font family

March 1, 2015 |

Download Natura font

Natura font family is a modern typeface that was born of a very interesting idea. The font’s designers found inspiration for it in the notebooks of the great explorers of the natural world. Those are a big … Read More

Boho font collection

February 14, 2015 | 1

Download Boho font

Boho font collection is the latest hand-crafted typeface by Latinotype. Fully drawn with Cola pen this hot new family is the very first attempt of Coto Mendoza in script design. Free, gestural, artistic and very easy, Boho … Read More

Lyra typeface

February 10, 2015 |

Download Lyra typeface

Lyra typeface by Philip Bouwsma (Canada Type foundry) is a calligraphy broad pen script with its roots in the Italian Renaissance. It amalgamates in its stylish letterforms the nobility of the formal chancery cursive with the amplitude … Read More

Rurable font

February 5, 2015 |

Download Rurable font

Rurable font is a high contrast display typeface. Drawn with brush this typeface looks very authentic, solid and in some aspects, due to its logic, even aggressive. The contrast between thin and thick strokes is really high … Read More

Auberge Script

January 30, 2015 |

Download Auberge Script font

Auberge Script is a modern digitalized font family with a very interesting history behind its creation. It is a brainchild of its designer – the Argentine Alejandro Paul’s love and fascination towards the quill pen writing … Read More


January 27, 2015 |

Download Twine font

Twine is a contemporary serif font family designed by the multi-talented award-winning US designer Robbie de Villiers. Robbie’s main aim as a designer is the creation of beautiful typefaces that would reflect the personality of the users … Read More

Quaderno font family

January 19, 2015 |

Download Quaderno font

Quaderno is a new font family by Resistenza type foundry. Designed as a upright script with very round and soft forms, it is developed in three main styles – calligraphic (designed in single weight), Normal (designed in 9 … Read More

Salt & Spices Pro

January 18, 2015 |

Download Salt & Spices Pro

Salt & Spices Pro is a beautiful contemporary font family distinct for its calligraphic appearance. In fact there is a type designer genre that grows more popular with every day – digitalizing handwritten samples. This … Read More

LCT Sbire

January 10, 2015 |

Download LCT Sbire

LCT Sbire is a contemporary serif typeface that is based on the typographic models of the past. It is a result of extensive study and knowledge of old style typefaces. The idea behind this font family was … Read More

Spry Roman Pro

January 9, 2015 |

Download Spry Roman Pro

Spry Roman Pro typeface is the latest release by one of the world’s most talented masters of Lettering and Typography Stephen Rapp. Like in many of his previous fonts he’s creating a living connection between natural … Read More