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Josef K Paneuropean

August 19, 2015 |

Download Josef K Paneuropean font

Josef K Paneuropean is a contemporary typeface that is inspired by the writing style of the famous writer Franz Kafka. It is the second font by Julia Sysmäläinen that is inspired by this classic author … Read More

Beloved font

August 15, 2015 |

Download Beloved font

Beloved font family is a modern typeface with a very interesting structure. It includes five fonts with two main styles – Script and Sans, each offering two weights – Regular and Bold. The first style – Beloved … Read More


August 7, 2015 |

Download Salamat font

Salamat is a modern handwritten brush script which once again reminds us of how fine and beautiful the fonts of this category could be. It is the second (after Zulia) joint project of Joluvian – a Venezuelan … Read More


July 9, 2015 |

Download Maris font

Maris is a contemporary font family which is as finer example of the always fashionable style of the handwritten calligraphy as you can get. When trying to describe it we feel we should use so many epithets … Read More

Sabores Script

June 18, 2015 |

Download Sabores Script

Sabores Script is an upright connected script font family characteristic with its extremely friendly appearance and the round soft letterforms. The idea behind it came from the flavors and spices used in cooking – a source of … Read More

Goodlife type family

June 17, 2015 |

Download Goodlife type family

Goodlife is a modern font handwritten type family with a very interesting concept behind its creation. In fact it is may be more accurate to call it a handwritten collection as the main aim of this … Read More


June 15, 2015 |

Download Escritura font

Escritura is a contemporary handwritten font family that has its roots deep in the Italian Renaissance and the chancery writing of that time. This, although formal, still bears the beauty of the masterpieces of this great era … Read More

Garibaldi font family

June 13, 2015 |

Download Garibaldi font

There are certain names in history that have long outlasted there times and have turned into symbols. Undoubtedly among them is that of Giuseppe Garibaldi – the greatest hero in modern Italy’s history, the great unifier of … Read More


June 1, 2015 |

Download Typnic font

Typnic is a very interesting and original contemporary font family in which even the most demanding users will find what they are looking for. In fact, this extremely fresh collection can be best compared to a picnic … Read More

Comforter font

May 16, 2015 |

Download Comforter font

Comforter font family is a very funny and quirky contemporary typeface characteristic with its upright brush style and handwritten appearance. It is like this font family has two faces – it is modern and still traditional, funny … Read More