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PF Champion Script Pro font

October 19, 2013 |

Download PF Champion Script Pro font

PF Champion Script Pro font by Panos Vassiliou is one of the richest and most advanced calligraphic family. It received numerous awards – Excellence in Type Design from the International Type Design Competition ‘Modern … Read More

Trivia Humanist font

October 8, 2013 |

Download Trivia Humanist font

Trivia Humanist font family is the latest amazing surprise from František Štorm for Storm Type Foundry. A family of 10 fonts (normal and italics) in 5 weights with distinguished sharp and clear outlines dominated by very elegant … Read More

Leto Sans font

October 4, 2013 |

Download Leto Sans font

Leto Sans font is the latest promising work of Elena Kowalski / Glen Jan Type Foundry. Leto is a sans serif super-family presented by 3 different upright weights each of them in normal and condensed outlines. … Read More

Bolyar Pro font by the Fontmaker – one font and countless options

September 23, 2013 |

Download Bolyar Pro Font

Bolyar Pro font family is the latest creation by the Fontmaker Type Foundry. Released in 2012 the original Bolyar font is now redesigned and developed into PRO version. This brand new type family of 5 different … Read More

Bolyar font

September 20, 2013 |

Download Bolyar font

Bolyar font is named after the highest rank members of feudal Bulgaria – second only to the ruling Tsar (king). This font justifies its name with its royal, majestic and elegant appearance. Bolyar font is developed in a … Read More

Neuron Angled font

September 9, 2013 |

Download Neuron Angled font

Neuron Angled font is a collection of 8 different font weights each presented in 4 styles – regular, italic, small caps italic and small caps regular. This all makes the remarkable number of 32 fonts gathered … Read More

Core Sans G Family

August 11, 2013 |

Download Core Sans G Family

The Core Sans G Family designed by Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm and Min-Joo Ham is a part of the Core Sans Series, such as Core Sans NR family and Core Sans M family.

Core Sans … Read More

Effra Corp font

July 27, 2013 |

Download Effra Corp font

Effra Corp font published by Dalton Maag supports Cyrillic and Greek.

Its a truly unique design that stands out from the crowd, but has the ability to blend perfectly with other design elements, making it well-suited … Read More

Calligrapher Cursive Modern font

June 23, 2013 |

Download Calligrapher Cursive Modern font

Calligrapher Cursive Modern font is one of the calligraphic group of typefaces called “21 alphabets for Calligraphers“.

All graphemes are taken from calligraphic pages written on Cursive Modern calligraphic stile. This font is ideal for … Read More

Iskra font

June 23, 2013 |

Download Iskra font

A practical sans serif need not appear dry, constructed, or derivative. It can excel in its sensible role and yet possess a distinct flair. Iskra font (spark or flash) is a sans serif designed by Tom Grace. … Read More