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Neuron Angled font

Neuron Angeled font Neuron Angeled font Neuron Angeled font
Download Neuron Angled font

Neuron Angled font is a collection of 8 different font weights each presented in 4 styles – regular, italic, small caps italic and small caps regular. This all makes the remarkable number of 32 fonts gathered in one sans-serif family – all of them looking very nice, clean and easy to use.
Neuron Angled is the ancestor of the original Neuron font created in 2012 by Corradine Fonts. In this second edition you will see the evolution from round edges to crisp and sharp outlines and endings keeping the glyph geometry more clear – a solution that improves readability significantly in small sizes.

Neuron Angled font has so many different options that it could be used technically for almost everything you could think of – starting from extra black and heavy headlines, elegant and modern italics, excellent body texts even in small sizes, signs and logos, branding etc

Neuron Angled font is your best choice when you design a business card, corporate ID, annual report, brochures or catalogs. The neutral yet distinguished and contemporary look of the family allows you to Neuron Angled with some of the most used serif fonts – we especially admire the use of Neuron Angled Extra black with elegant light to normal cursive. Another excellent option is to pair Neuron Angled with some of the original Neuron fonts – you could easily balance your contrast by using extra black regular letters in combination with large size extra light italics.

Another great option of Neuron Angled is the Cyrillic alphabet which makes the entire font collection even more attractive to large markets as Russia and part of Eastern Europe. Western European and Eastern European symbols are supported too.

Designers: Manuel Eduardo Corradine, Sergio Ramírez
Publisher: Corradine Fonts



Neuron Angeled font

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