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Albert Einstein typeface

Einstein typeface
Download Albert Einstein typeface

Albert Einstein. How many of you would not point him when asked who was the greatest genius that ever lived. The depth of his mind and the stretch of his imagination gave the humanity horizons that a few before him could even imagine and opened a new chapter of the history of mankind. He gave us the foundations on which we were able to tame the enormous energy of the atom and to reach for the stars.

Now, the German typographic designer Harold Geisler and his US colleague Elizabeth Waterhouse present the outcome of seven years of hard work and painstaking effort – Albert Einstein typeface. It is a modern font family that has fulfilled the very ambitious task to revive the handwriting of the great scientist – something Harold has already done with Sigmund Freud. The process of the realization of the project was long and hard. It included a careful analysis of Einstein’s handwriting and meticulous digitalization of every glyph. On top of that, the designers took great care to make sure that the typeface gives plenty of opportunities to the users – something that is not quite common among those fonts. Albert Einstein family includes 10 weights – Extra Light, Light, Fine, Regular, Demi, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold, Ultra Bold and Heavy. Each font has none less than 5 variations of each lowercase or uppercase letter, number and punctuation sign. The designers also provide Contextual Alternates that enable the users to automatically arrange the letters as well as stylistic variants. All in all, Albert Einstein typeface is a beautiful font that is true to the original which is recognized by prestigious outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Times, Physics World, etc.

Get Albert Einstein typeface and fly on the wings of genius!

Designers: Harald Geisler, Elizabeth Waterhouse, Albert Einstein
Publisher: Harald Geisler



Einstein typeface

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