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Asterism Clean

Asterism Clean
Download Asterism Clean font

Asterism Clean font family is the smooth and enhanced version of the existing Asterism font. Unlike the original this brand new version is sharing two main features – the letterforms are smooth and all artifacts of hand writing and paper texture are polished and second, the original version is expanded into a family of three fonts – Normal, Bold and Monoline.

It is logical to predict the success of this new family considering that the first Asterism font climbed up the charts really quickly. Developing three different styles raises the bets even higher as we all know that a font family is always more useful, diverse and flexible than a single font. Asterism Clean font family makes no exception in this as it features three different styles of same skeleton based on the natural handwriting of Molly Jacques Erickson – one of the designers behind the family.

Very fresh, playful and friendly Asterism Clean is the perfect choice for invitation cards, organic packaging, catchy headlines and custom logos. The bouncing baseline and the thin elegant connections between letters make this font family really charming, gentle and even feminine preserving its legibility and authentic calligraphic look. The Monoline style looks very fresh and different from the Normal and Bold version adding more colour to the family. Using Asterism Clean is very easy and pleasant – you could stay inside the family trying different combination between the three styles or you could easily pair it with other fonts from Great Lakes Lettering portfolio like Frosted, Saint Agnes, Feast. Whatever you do Asterism Clean is a charming family that will make your work easier and more efficient without making any extra efforts – relax and let the good type lead your way.

Asterism Clean is designed by Molly Jacques Erickson, Dathan Boardman and published by Great Lakes Lettering type foundry. Stay tuned, follow the links and discover more great titles inside their portfolio.

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Molly Jacques Erickson, Dathan Boardman
Publisher: Great Lakes Lettering



Asterism Clean

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