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Beorcana font

Beorcana font
Download Beorcana font

Beorcana font can be classified as a serifless roman, a stressed sans, a glyphic sans, or calligraphic sans. However it is classified, Beorcana derives not only from other stressed sans designs like Lydian, Amerigo and Optima, but also utilizes classic Renaissance proportions in both Roman and Italic, which facilitate extended reading.

Beorcana Italics include a set of Swash Caps and a set of Cartographic Caps. Cartographic Caps are extravagantly proportioned swash caps which became a convention of early world maps, as they took up large amounts of space, in oceans, where few other labels might compete or overlap. In Beorcana fonts, Cartographic Caps are kerned with each other to space widely, and with lowercase and regular caps to space normally.

The name Beorcana is a variant of the Icelandic word for the Birch tree, and the related words for the Icelandic rune. Many variant spellings are used for the tree and the rune: Beorc, Berkanan, Birkana, Bercano, Bjork, Bjarka. The Birch was revered as a symbol of renewal, due to its role as a pioneer species in burned, boggy or otherwise unforested areas.

Beorcana Pro is available in Display, regular Text and Micro styles. Beorcana’s Text styles offer comfort and liveliness in books, dictionaries, magazines and other reading-intensive settings. Display styles offer a stately and organic flavor for any application. Micro styles perform in tight and dense settings like dictionaries, bibles, maps and fine print.

Beorcana is a winner in the Type Directors Club 2007 type design contest, and a Judges’ Choice.

Designers: Carl Crossgrove
Publisher: Terrestrial Design



Beorcana font

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