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Bombshell Pro font

Bombshell Pro font
Download Bombshell Pro font

Bombshell Pro font by Emily Lime seems to be one of the most popular script fonts for 2012. It’s a friendly and joyful typeface with natural looking hand-written letters forming nice playful rhythm when typing. On the surface we see a lot of emotions, happiness and beauty, below we find a powerful type tool supercharged with many open type features that help you design unique words and phrases.  Bombshell Pro is designed with 800+ glyphs, supporting alternates, roman numerals (III & IV), and “run-on” letter connections. In addition you will find initial and terminal letters that will seriously improve the ability to customize your design. Bombshell Pro is a passionate script very useful for headings, signatures, greeting cards and packages.

Supported languages: Albanian, Dutch, English, Estonian, Italian, Malagasy, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Emily Conners
Publisher: Emily Lime



Bombshell Pro font

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