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Cabrito font

Cabrito font Cabrito font Cabrito font by Jeremy Dooley Cabrito font by insigne
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Cabrito font family by Jeremy Dooley (designer of the hottest Grenale #2 font, Torcao font, and Quatie font) is a “by-product” of a very interesting and exciting project – making a children’s book about typography, called “The Clothes Letters Wear”, dedicated and inspired by Dooley’s little son.
Cabrito (“little goat” in Spanish) font family is a result of in-depth study of the typographic legibility for children. It is a Serif typeface, featuring extra legibility. Jeremy Dooley explains, ‘A little background: studies show that Bookman Old Style is one of the most readable typefaces, and as a consequence or perhaps the reason why, it is used thoroughly for children’s books. This font became my initial inspiration for the typeface. Then, I found more legibility research saying that (brace yourselves) Comic Sans is also very legible for beginning readers, much due to the large x-height and softer, easily recognizable forms. In addition, forms that are closer to handwriting also seem to be more legible. Once I threw all that into my cauldron and stewed it a bit, the result was a pleasantly rounded typeface that includes not-so-strictly geometric, handwriting-inspired forms for the b, d, p, and q.’
This contemporary, warm, and maty typeface is covering wide array of applications: from candy and food packaging, to kids’ toys, logos, body text, etc. Cabrito font can be accessed in any OpenType-enabled software. Options include a significant bunch of alternates, swashes, and meticulously refined aspects with ball terminals and alternate titling caps to decorate the font. Also bundled are swash alternates, old style figures, and small caps. This font family also provides the glyphs to aid a variety of languages.

Designers: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne



Cabrito font

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