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D.I.Y. Time

D.I.Y. Time D.I.Y. Time D.I.Y. Time by Latinotype D.I.Y. Time
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D.I.Y. Time font family is another great collection of freestyle fonts designed by Guisela Mendoza and Luciano Vergara for Latinotype. It has 8 different styles supported by 3 separate fonts for ornaments, dingbats & catchwords – everything you will ever need to D.I.Y. a greeting card, packaging, label, t-shirt, a logo or expressive poster. D.I.Y. Time has so much character, freshness and friendly spirit that you would definitely enjoy every step in its use. It also has a lot of potential in personalization and this important feature surely goes with font’s compatibility with open type format – you just need the right software to access all possible glyphs and get maximum level of diversity and proper combinations. Legibility level covers all possible standards both for print and for screen graphics. If you are a letterpress addict, then D.I.Y. Time font collection would surely become one of your favorites just because it has so much potential in this beautiful print technique.

D.I.Y. Time


Our overall conclusion is that D.I.Y. Time is a great font family dominated by a spirit of friendliness, freedom and happiness. Use it wherever you need one of these feelings implemented in your design. Spice it up with fresh vivid colours, some nice textured paper and you’ll get the best of it!

D.I.Y. Time is designed by Guisela Mendoza and Luciano Vergara. Check out more of their marvelous work here: Ride My Bike Serif font, Moderna Condensed font, In a Jar font, Four Seasons font, Pasarela font, etc.

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Guisela Mendoza, Luciano Vergara
Publisher: Latinotype



D.I.Y. Time

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