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HS Albadr font

HS Albadr font
Download HS Albadr font

HS Albadr font is an Arabic display typeface. It is useful for book titles and graphic projects where a contemporary, geometrical and streamlined look is desired. The font is based on the simple lines of modern and simplified Kufi calligraphy that support Arabic, Persian and Urdu. It has one weight only which is similar to the bold weight.
This typeface is created for being used in technical and engineering companies under strict geometric conditions . The company desires to follow the geometrical shape with uniform and equal dimensions in both vertical and horizontal storks; where some parts of the letters are to be cut at a slanting angle of 45 degree to give the impression of a coherent geometrical nature for this font.
The typeface HS Albadr is considered as a chain of geometric fonts series designed for engineering companies.
HS Almohandis font and HS Alhandasi font were designed by Hasan Abu Afash looking forward to giving some additions to the geometric typefaces field.

Designers: Hasan Abu Afash
Publisher: Hiba Studio



HS Albadr font


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