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Instant font

Instant font Instant font
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Instant font by Jérôme Knebusch is an interesting typography project – a type family going from thin, informal, quick handwritten letters to stable, black typographic shapes. It comes in five styles which names are reflecting the specific stroke speed and weight: Vivid, Quick, Regular, Slow, Heavy. The project started in 2005 as a research at National Institute for Typographic Research, France, and a homage to the poet, painter and writer Henri Michaux (1899–1984). It questions type family consistency and the relation and usage of roman, italic and bold faces.

Instant font family contains an extended Latin character set, supports many languages, and offers advanced OpenType features: Small Caps, several figure ranges (Lining, Old Style, Tabular and Proportional), punctuation for capitals, Alternates & Ligatures.

Instant font was developed in co-operation with Matthieu Cortat, Nonpareille, Lyon, and released by BAT Foundry, Paris in 2012. It was selected favourite typefaces by Typographica in 2012 and best ten fonts for the same year by Fontwerk.

Jérôme Knebusch works in the diverse fields of typography: from artistic projects over graphic & book design to type design. He teaches graphic and type design at the Lorraine School of Fine Arts, Metz [ÉSAL], and is regularly visiting the post-graduate National Atelier for Typographic Research [ANRT], Nancy, both in France.

Supported languages: Albanian, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Breton, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh

Publisher: Jérôme Knebusch



Instant font

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