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Invitation Script font

Invitation Script font
Download Invitation Script font

Invitation Script font is ideal for creating elegant works and layouts – beautiful headings, signatures, art work typography, titles and short pieces of hand-lettered text. Invitation Script has an amazing set of letterforms, majuscule initials and ornaments.
Invitation Script font is a modern and clean revival of the classic work of the Portuguese master penman Manuel de Andrade de Figueiredo. Invitation family includes two multi-table Opentype fonts, three supplementary fonts for ornaments and fleurons, and the Archaic font with some of the Andrade’s original characters.

Type specimen:
– An extensive set of ligatures providing letterform variations that make eye-popping designs or simulate real handwriting. These are accessible via contextual alternates and other open-type features.
– Many stylistic alternates for each letter (upper and lowercase, accessed via the glyph palette, encoded in the ranges of the Special Set Opentype feature).
– More than 1100 glyphs in each font.
– A set of ornaments and fleurons accessed with the glyph palette or using the Ornaments feature. Additional ornaments can be found in the two Invitation Script Ornaments fonts.
– Initial and final letters with artistic variations accessible using the initial and final form open-type features.
– Major kerning work: over 6000 kerning pairs, hand-set to avoid collisions and to create intricate combinations of letters, using swashes and other resources.

Designers: Iza W, Paulo W
Publisher: Intellecta Design



Invitation Script font

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