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LCT Palissade font

LCT Palissade font
Download LCT Palissade font

LCT Palissade font by Quentin J. Stavinsky is a letter type belonging to the Didone classification. Century affected by a huge artistic and industrial mutation, marked by the eruption of the railroad network and Turner’s paintings. In typography, the Didones(XVIIe) begins to replace the Egyptians XIXe. An evolution to heavier and darker, rectangular drawings is noticed.
LCT Palissade is a historical study, crossing through the industrial revolution and romanticism resulting in strong and solid letter type, reminiscent of the characters beginning XIXe. The serifs are the summary between the British characters from the end of (XVIe) and the Italian ones beginning of (XVIIe). Spreading out the romanticism, they are very fine to allow a largest contrast and keep the elegance of the global shape.

Designers: Quentin J. Stavinsky
Publisher: LCT



LCT Palissade font


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