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Louize font

Louize font Louize font Louize font by Nonpareille
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12246 Glyphs, 104 Languages, 12 Styles – those numbers speak enough for themselves. This is just a short info about newly released Louize font by Nonpareille. As you all see this font family is more than ordinary typeface with serifs, ligatures etc. Here everything is very special, every detail is brought to its utter limit and every demand will be satisfied. Louize is a sophisticated type tool equipped with as many features as you could imagine in open type programming – impressive amount of ligatures, excellent italics combined with swashed capitals, set of alternates, full set of diacritics for all Latin alphabets, fractions, small caps, great diversity of numbers – everything you will ever need no matter you use it for long texts of a novel or for scientific writings. Louize font will do it all the best way. This elegant serif font family is a revival of the ‘Augustaux’ designed by Louis Perrin between 1846 and 1855 and in this digital version it is significantly improved for multi-purpose use and maximum readability in web graphics, screen use or regular offset or letterpress printing. Louize font is perfect for editorial design, strong headlines, wine labels and food packaging and even for carving on stone or wood. With its complexity and beauty, Louize will lift every limit in your work and will surely make your design looking more sophisticated and elegant.

Designers: Louis Perrin, Matthieu Cortat
Publisher: Nonpareille



Louize font

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