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P22 Wedge font

P22 Wedge font
Download P22 Wedge font

P22 Wedge font is designed by the New Zealand architect Bruce Rotherham (IHOF type foundry) and has its roots in the early 20-th century, in the Herbert Bayer’s ‘universal alphabet’ created at the Bauhaus. Bruce Rotherham’s efforts were aimed at improving the typeface legibility. He explored the possibility how a readable Roman book face might be approached using some of Bayer’s same principles of simplification, but also retracing the evolution and use of the Roman form in an analytic manner.

The Wedge alphabet was started in 1947 when Rotherham was an architecture student at the University of Auckland. It was worked on and refined over several decades but never commercially released, until now. Despite ultimate rejection for production into metal type, the design was realized as intended and is now released in digital form, available from P22.

IHOF (The International House of Fonts) is a registered name of P22 Type Foundry. P22 Type Foundry is dedicated to producing quality fonts and related products. They are presenting historical materials in a contemporary form, making great art and design accessible to every level of computer user. Their research and design teams are aimed to developing typefaces which are not available anywhere else. P22 works closely with museums and foundations toward the development of historically and aesthetically accurate products.

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Bruce Rotherham
Publisher: IHOF



P22 Wedge font


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