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Quiroga Serif Pro font

Quiroga Serif Pro font Quiroga Serif Pro font
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Quiroga Serif Pro font began in 2007 as ‘Quadratta Serif’. This typeface won in the best text category at Tipos Latinos biennale, 2008.
Quiroga Serif font, designed by Fernando Diaz, and intended for continuous text – legible at medium and small sizes. Its space saving morphology is a mix between tradition and innovation. The Quiroga Serif excellent legibility at small sizes is reached through different elements: a vertical axis, thick serifs, tall x-height, light modulation and a lot of internal space between letters.
The formal idea was to make a serif type that had a unique color, complemented with the incorporation of not common, alternative signs. Some parts of the letters that are usually curb or diagonal where made horizontal (for example: a, q, p, etc.), this makes the eye of each character to be wide and unique.
The serifs design evolved – from thicker and vertically ended – to slanted, thus avoiding visible errors in medium and small sizes.
The ch, and ll ligatures were rescued since they are a part of the current spanish alphabet. The historic ligatures and stylistic alternates give various options to the users. The accentuation signs were composed in a middle line above all signs to avoid visual shock.
Special attention is paid to the small caps, numbers, mathematical signs, and currency signs in order to achieve their smooth interaction.

Designers: Fernando Díaz
Publisher: TipoType



Quiroga Serif Pro font


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