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XХII Geom font by Lecter Johnson – functionality at its best

March 26, 2016 |

Download XХII Geom font

XХII Geom is a great sans serif font family that offers all that could be expected from a contemporary typeface. As the name suggests, it is a geometric font and it is inspired by the works … Read More

Kakadu typeface – a very reliable sans serif by Ludwig Übele

March 16, 2016 |

Download Kakadu typeface

Kakadu is a modern grotesque sans serif font family that is characterized mostly by its square letterforms, angular curves and large x-height. Those make the letters quite open and clean, which accounts for great legibility. This, in … Read More

Cera Brush

February 19, 2016 |

Download Cera Brush font

Cera Brush is a very interesting new sans-serif font that is designed in order to be a companion to the very successful Cera Pro and Cera Stencil. However, this great font is not simply a complement … Read More

Zega Text

February 18, 2016 |

Download Zega Text font

Zega Text is a modern sans serif font family that is designed by the Brazilian graphic designer Isac Rodrigues. It has its roots deeply embedded in the craft of the letterpress printing – an undying source … Read More

Univia Pro

February 18, 2016 |

Download Univia Pro

Univia Pro is a modern sans serif font family that is characteristic with its rectangular letterforms and, most of all, its round corners and smooth curves. In fact, Univia Pro is not just modern and contemporary. We … Read More


January 2, 2016 |

Download Submariner font

Submariner is the latest font family released by the Slovenian designer Marin Šantić. Marin – a very talented professional with serious background in the fields of typography, type design, branding and identity tools, has already published some … Read More

URW Geometric typeface

January 2, 2016 |

Download URW Geometric font

URW Geometric is a modern font family the roots of which could easily be traced back to the famous German geometric typefaces, connected to the Bauhaus style, that were very popular in the 1920s. It shares … Read More

Capri Pro

December 14, 2015 |

Download Capri Pro typeface

Carpi Pro typeface is a modern geometric sans-serif designed by the German designer Felix Braden. In fact, this is another of his re-released typefaces after Sadness. Capri was first released by Peter Bruhn’s Fountain type, but … Read More

Juicy font

December 8, 2015 |

Download Juicy font

Every now and then anyone of us feels the need to escape from the monotonous and grey daily routine, from the dull and repetitive tasks and problems we encounter every day. This escape could not necessarily be … Read More

Godfrey by Ludwig Type

November 21, 2015 |

Download Godfrey font

Godfrey is a modern font family that is the latest release of the German designer Ludwig Übele. Once again he presents us with a perfect sans serif grotesque typeface that offers excellent legibility and could be used … Read More