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Verb Compressed font

Verb Compressed font
Download Verb Compressed font

Like the original Verb™ family, Verb Compressed font is confident, friendly and energetic, but has been carefully re-drawn with extra narrow proportions. At text sizes it’s legible and economic, while at larger sizes it reveals lively shapes and personality. It includes over 800 glyphs and a full compliment of professional typographic features including true italics, small caps, ligatures, oldstyle and tabular numerals, extensive language support, and more. Download Verb Compressed Regular for free!

Complete typographic features include:
Small caps
Complete “f” ligature set (improves text flow in longer settings)
Discretionary ligatures
Alternate connected ligatures (to access, use style set 1 or stylistic alternates)
Oldstyle numerals and currency
Tabular numerals
Automatic fractions
Superiors and inferiors
Contextual alternate “f”
Extensive language and currency support

Designers: Ryan Martinson
Publisher: Yellow Design Studio



Verb Compressed font

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