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Aragon ST font

Aragon ST font
Download Aragon ST font

Aragon ST font is a special version of Hans van Maanen’s Aragon family. It was developed for science writing, and it serves as the very first introduction of SciType, an innovative new way of building fonts specifically for typesetting science text. For more information about SciType, please consult the SciType FAQ PDF in the Gallery section.

The Aragon design is remodeling of the classic mid-1500s Garamond forms through a modern lens. It is a text workhorse that performs very well in a variety of sizes, from footnotes and legal copy to lengthy, immersive-reading body sets. Its efficient and legibility-asserting traits are wedge serifs and uniquely tapered stems that slightly shift the weight stress to the top half of the forms while maintaining the clarity and synergy of the counterspace’s sequence. Aragon ST takes all that a step further for science writers.

Designers: Hans van Maanen, Patrick Griffin
Publisher: Canada Type



Aragon ST font

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