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Astrum font

Astrum font Astrum font for wedding invitations
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Astrum font by Dusko Joksimovic is a sophisticated and highly decorative handwriting distinguished for its stylish caligraphy letters. The idea of creating Astrum font emerged by the need of an uniquely beautiful wedding design, a task that couldn’t be fulfilled with any of the existing typefaces. All signs indicate that this newborn member of the big Fonts family has the potential of a great beauty queen with its personality, gracefulness and classic appeal.

All the Astrum elements are recognizable by prefined ornaments, incorporated in a delicate manner. Whitespace between the capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers and other symbols are done in a way to minimize the need for kerning.

The Astrum font family perfectly suits every need for luxurious and chic design – wedding cards, luxury packaging, etc.

The character set for Astrum font offers all Western, Central-European, Latin, and Cyrillic characters.

Designers: Dusko Joksimovic
Publisher: Fontex



Astrum font

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