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Charles Borges de Oliveira

fonts by Charles Borges de Oliveira

Workhorse font

November 12, 2014 |

Download Workhorse font

Workhorse font is a team project between master sign-painter Greg Reid and Charles Borges de Oliveira (check Fontmatter’s Interview with him). His hot new release is a remarkable example of perfect incorporation between the beauty and originality … Read More

Kodiak font

September 4, 2014 |

Download Kodiak font

Kodiak font is a unique display typeface created as a result of integrity of experience and talent. Designed by 40+ year sign painting veteran, Brian Grant, Kodiak unites the style of many other sign painters working thru … Read More

Charles Borges de Oliveira interview – part 2

October 22, 2013 |

Charles Borges de Oliveira interview – part 2. After the incredible Interview by Laura, only a few questions left unanswered. We decided to ask them personally to Charlie – here they are in our exclusive interview.

We’ve seen pieces of … Read More

Charles Borges de Oliveira interview

October 14, 2013 |

Charles Borges de Oliveira interview by Laura Worthington presenting the Desire font

Dear fellows, we have the pleasure to show you the unique interview with our friend Charles Borges de Oliveira ( and his masterpiece the Desire font. After interviewingRead More

Desire font

October 11, 2013 |

Download Desire font

Desire font for catchy headlines and amazing logos in one click is the latest masterpiece by Charles Borges de Oliveira. It really took him nearly 5 years to design it but the result is an incredible and … Read More

Sarah Script font

September 30, 2013 |

Download Sarah Script font

Sarah Script font is a brush-drawn typeface by Borges lettering. It’s a little more serious than another brush-drawn font by Charles Borges de Oliveira – the Alpine script. Sarah script is sharing a lot of its … Read More

Alpine Script font

September 29, 2013 |

Download Alpine Script font

Alpine Script font is a typeface with temper – a typical brush-drawn typeface with bouncing friendly letters designed by Charles Borges de Oliveira (Borges Lettering). Obviously influenced by his experience as signpainter this font is a … Read More

Aloha Script font

March 22, 2013 |

Download Aloha Script font

Aloha Script font comes in two flavors: Aloha Script and Aloha Script Casual. Both fonts contain the same lowercase, alternates, and ligatures – the difference is in the capitals. By mixing both fonts you can create … Read More