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Clear Sans

Clear Sans Clear Sans


Download Clear Sans Text font

Clear Sans





It’s a rational and geometric, but nonetheless expressive and friendly sans serif. The original skeleton was hand-painted in 2008 and completed shortly afterwards. Since then the font has been continuously expanded and improved.

The latest Neil Summerour’s expansion of the incredible Clear Sans font family includes the brand new Clear Sans Text font and Clear Sans Screen font. Both fonts were developed in a way to utilize larger x-heights, space-saving widths, logical (and simplified) weight offerings, etc. – all these in support of the increasing use of web fonts and embedded type in applications.

Both offer 5 weights (Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black), plus the corresponding italics. Stylistics alternates, small caps, stylistic sets, ordinals, fractions, tabular and old-style numerals, and unicorns are also available for both. In addition to the standard languages support Clear Sans Text font supports Baltic, Turkish, and Romanian languages, too.

Designers: Neil Summerour
Publisher: Positype


Clear Sans Screen font


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