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Garalda typeface

Garalda typeface Garalda typeface
Download Garalda typeface

Garalda typeface is an excellent modern font family that has a very interesting creation history. It is inspired by a Garalde style book typeset of the 1920’s – Tory – Garamond. Named after two prominent figures of the Medieval France – the type founder Claude Garamond and the engraver Geoffroy Tory, this typeset made an immediate impression to the French type designer Xavier Dupre who decided to use it as a basis for a new type family. So after a thorough research and countless hours of hard work his Garalda began to take shape.

The most remarkable thing about this process is that the designer left plenty of room for improvisation and experiment. So, Garalda font family turned out to be a nice mix of the modern and the classical. It is a humanist slab serif that is at the same time playful and vibrant. But above all – it is very elegant and has “finesse” written all over it.

Garalda family consists of eight fonts – Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Demibold, Demibold Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. It also includes some of the original ornaments and arrows of the original Tory-Garamond. Very interesting set of ligatures are also included as well as some swashes in the Italics. All this helps Garalda to provide perfect legibility, which serves its main purpose to provide easy reading. This, of course, makes the font family perfect for longer texts.

Garalda typeface is designed by the French designer Xavier Dupré and is released under the label of TypeTogether type foundry. Xavier studied graphic arts and applied arts in Paris, as well as calligraphy and typography at the Scriptorium de Toulouse. He is famous for his excellent work that earned him awards from the Type Director’s Club of New York and Tokyo.

Get Garalda typeface and enjoy a touch of brilliance!

Designer: Xavier Dupré
Publisher: TypeTogether



Garalda typeface

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