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Hangulatin font

Hangulatin font
Download Hangulatin font

In 2012 Anita Jürgeleit – a German type designer, was about to undertake a journey to Korea. For a very trivial reason – fear not to get lost, she decided to study the Korean writing system. What she discovered and learnt fascinated her so much that she decided to experiment by applying the main principles of the Korean writing to the German language with Latin alphabet. The biggest challenge was to group characters to syllables in such manner as to produce intuitively readable and easy to read writing system. Many major challenges arose during the process and many questions had to be answered. How can letters be grouped into syllables, so that a German would be able to read intuitively? Is it possible German syllables that could be very long at times to be arranged in a square? How many syllables make the font readable in German? And, finally, will such a font be useful at all?

Luckily, after an exciting journey into linguistics and the history of writing systems, Anita Jürgeleit was able to find the answers. The result is Hangulatin font – an experimental font family which contains more than 750 glyphs and 3000 syllables and is surprisingly easy to read.

As might be expected, recognition for such an interesting project wasn’t late to arrive – Hangulatin font was a nominated finalist at Hiiibrand Typography Award 2013 – Golden nail in the talent competition of the ADC 2014.

Get Hangulatiin font and enjoy the taste of experiment!

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designer: Anita Jürgeleit
Publisher: URW++



Hangulatiin font

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