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LiebeGerda by Ulrike Rausch – another gem in the Liebe series

LiebeGerda LiebeGerda
Download LiebeGerda typeface

Have you asked yourselves what is the driving force behind the works of the artists? What makes them create so much beauty? What inspires them to give so much of themselves in order to gift their immortal art to the world? Well, we sincerely believe that their main incentive is their desire to achieve perfection. Of course, this quest includes plenty of little and big challenges. And what about this challenge – to replicate the woman’s charm and beauty through the means of calligraphy!

This is the type of challenge that the German designer Ulrike Rausch accepted and brilliantly coped with. So far she has released several scripts with beautiful names – LiebeRuth, LiebeLotte Swell, LiebeLotte, LiebeDoris. It is from the last to that the latest gem in the Liebe series – LiebeGerda font, is derived. This is a perfect mix between the LiebeDorris brush font and the LiebeLotte interconnected script. This means that it is an interconnected brush script, which makes it quite unique. LiebeGerda leaves the impression of something that is natural, light and carefree, being at the same time as elegant and refined as you can imagine.

It is obvious that the secret of the LiebeGerda’s font charming look lies in the way it was drawn. A lot of attention was paid to the details, meaning that the effect of the dry brush could be felt even in the largest sizes. The typeface comes in four weights – Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic, each of them containing more than 1200 characters. However, we are not sure that the word “weight” is the right one for what is offered, as the four styles are individually painted and are more like separate fonts. Also, there are plenty of OpenType features, most notably the three different variations of every character, the great All Caps and the nice ligatures. So, with its great appearance, LiebeGerda typeface could be perfect for packaging, food related items, magazines, greeting cards, etc.

Get LiebeGerda typeface and enjoy its exquisiteness!

Designer: Ulrike Rausch
Publisher: LiebeFonts




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