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Pennyscript font

Pennyscript font Pennyscript font
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Pennyscript font by Jonahfonts is one of those attractive fonts that posses own charm and freshness without being too playful, freestyle, decorative and maybe even not easy to read. Pennyscript has much of the elegance and beauty identical for hand-written brush scripts preserving the legibility of a contrast cursive. Designed with specific roundness and softness, Pennyscript font has very elegant terminals, excellent connections between characters and very solid presence no matter if it is used for short titles or in large text paragraphs. It’s a proper choice if you design a food package with Pennyscript font or a t-shirt with vintage look, a poster and with some digital manipulations one could easily create a nice logo. Pennyscript could be used without facing any troubles both for print and screen graphics – the increased x-height gives a lot of extra power to this font when it comes to legibility even if it is used in low-quality prints or displayed on low resolution monitors.

Our overall conclusion for Pennyscript font is that it has enough character and uniqueness to face the demands of versatile designs by combining strong presence with artistic look. We are optimistic to see very soon more sophisticated version of this font enriched with swashes, alternates, ornaments and other extra Open Type features.

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Publisher: Jonahfonts



Pennyscript font

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