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Solar typeface

Solar typeface
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Solar is a contemporary hand drawn font family characteristic with its pronounced grunge appearance. It began its life as so many other typefaces – first there were sketched ideas on rough paper that later became a fully grown font family. This vintage looking font is a fine combination between more basic strokes and calligraphic elements. Also there is a fine dose of irregularity in it as it seems that some of the letters resemble ink clots. However, that is by no means accidental. On the contrary – this effect is sought for and creates a great pattern of filling the empty spaces which gives the font its rhythm, vitality and above all – its unmatched personality. All in all, the techniques used in the creation of Solar and the way it is crafted make it suitable for sizes greater than 12 points. Thus, it will be perfect for use in projects that require more personality like posters, logos, cards and invitations, packaging and many more.

Solar typeface consists of several very interesting styles that can be used both combined with each other or on their own. Firstly, there is the very original Solar Script which gives the main characteristics of the family. Then there are layer based capital letters fonts – Sans and Serif, together with their respective Shadows fonts. But that is not all as the designer supplies a separate Words font with 115 customized words as well as Dingbats with more than 100 shiny drawings.

Solar typeface is designed by the Venezuelan designer Carlos Fabian Carmargo Guerrero for his Andinistas type foundry. With this type family he continues with his highly successful work like the Acústica that was selected at the Bienal Tipos Latinos 2014 (under the name Sonora). By following these links you will be able to see more of his typefaces:

Chef Script

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designer: Carlos Fabián Camargo
Publisher: Andinistas



Solar typeface

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