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Yonia font

Yonia font Yonia font Yonia font by Doubletwo Studios Yonia font by Lecter Johnson
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Yonia font is a brush script-like font by Doubletwo Studios. Its skeleton is very similar to slightly condensed sans-serif face but in Yonia traditional geometric outlines are replaced with elegant brush strokes so it is most likely a hybrid face – we don’t even see the traditional for brush scripts letter connections. Their absence is very original effect and combined with increased x-height logically result in unique typeface with excellent readability in all weights and sizes. Yonia with its rounded nice letterforms is packaging best friend – use it for food packs, labels, toy packaging etc as well as for posters, t-shirts and of course – logos. In addition you will find as many options as you could think of: for alternates, swashes and ligatures which will ease your work and lift your design to a higher level. Yonia has excellent performance both on print and screen media and it’s a dream-come-true if you use it for letterpress. It is designed in 5 weights and it also supports a large set of ampersands and catch words. Excellent job by Doubletwo Studios.

Designers: Lecter Johnson
Publisher: Doubletwo Studios



Yonia font


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