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Archivio font

Archivio font Archivio font Archivio font by Resistenza Archivio font by Giuseppe Salerno
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Archivio font is the latest typography experiment by Resistenza and their marvelous team of top professionals – Giuseppe Salerno (CalligraphyInBerlin)  and Paco González (First Official Moderator of Lettering vs Calligraphy). One nice working tandem that is capable to produce outstanding result like Mina font and Starbust font, and now we see their talent at full power with the brand new Archivio family. Based on traditional sans-serifs, it is flavored with some humanistic elements embodying optimal readability with balanced artistic decoration. In fact if you want to create a design based solely on one font or font family, you should definitely go for Archivio – it has so much potential to stand all alone on a white sheet of paper, that it practically doesn’t need any other elements, colours, effects etc., to interfere with. Archivio font includes Sans, Slab, Italic, Back-slant and other experimental versions and is fully opentype-compatible, featuring amazing set of alternates, swashes and beautifully designed ornaments. Fontmatters team highly recommends this font family for t-shirts design, typographic posters, minimalistic contemporary covers, letterpress, logos and brand names.

Designers: Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González
Publisher: Resistenza



Archivio font

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