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Maracay font

Maracay font Maracay font Maracay font by John Moore Maracay font by John Moore
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Maracay font family by John Moore is a vivid highly ornamental typeface designed for texts or headlines, mainly as a display font and purposed to work in layers of overlapping texts. Maracay features a distinguishable outlook with nine fonts which in combination of two variations reaches the respectful number of eighteen. Due to its versatility of coloring matter, texture, and shapes the typeface appears to be the perfect tool for a great variety of projects such as invitations, menus, magazines, brochures, packaging, labeling, etc. in a wide range of design styles.
Maracay font supports alternate characters, swash, ligatures, icons, ordinals and fractions.
Maracay presents four shape styling groups as follows: Regular Maracay is the base while Maracay Tooled and Maracay Wood variations add vintage wooden texture. Maracay Inner font serves as Light or inner contour of the foregoing. Next there are the three fonts contouring – Outline, Shadow and Umbra for 3D effects. For decorative purposes you may find very attractive the textured Maracay Shade and the splitted letter top halves in Maracay Half typeface.
Maracay has been carefully studied to provide the best combinations of the most of pairs and trios of glyphs avoiding undesirable extensions between ornate characters through its Opentype programming.

Designers: John Moore
Publisher: John Moore Type Foundry



Maracay font

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