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Aparo font

Aparo font
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Aparo font tries to bring the best of the two worlds – Typography and Calligraphy, into a single, yet complex, typeface. Aparo appears to be a very simple bold italic roman typeface, but it has plenty of calligraphic flair, including swashes that make your words stand out, collision detectors so that you don’t get weird combinations, alternate characters activated by default for improved calligraphic effect and a very extended character set in a total of 897 glyphs.

Type specimen:
– Alternates between connected and unconnected versions of characters to avoid collisions and remove the connection stroke on the final character.
– Eliminates swashes in the uppercase after the first character.
– Removes colliding swashes in ascender and descender pairs.
– Stylistic Set 01 switches between connected and unconnected versions of all characters. Contextual alternates exceptions still apply.
– Stylistic Set 02 removes swashes in all uppercase characters.
– Stylistic Set 03 replaces hyphen and underscore by ornaments.
– Ligatures is on by default in order to solve several collisions.
– Discretionary Ligatures gives you access to several predesigned words (Caps only).
– Swashes ads swashes to ascender and descender characters.
– Titling Alternates ads ending swashes to words.

Designers: Dino dos Santos
Publisher: DSType



Aparo font

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