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Bird Script font

Bird Script font Bird Script font Bird Script font
Download Bird Script font

Dynamic, quick, energetic – these are the three words that we believe best describe Bird Script font. This typeface defies many rules and challenges many traditions of the type design, as each stroke is hand written by the author and reflects not only the style and tool used, but also his mood and emotions at the moment of writing. The result is amazing – the Bird Script font is abundant with gestures of energy that follow the movement of the pen and underline the beauty and richness of the different human feelings and the grace of the splendid execution. This practice is called gestural calligraphy and is a field of typography that is yet to be fully explored and developed.

Executed with tools like speedball pen nib №5 and pencil retouched for additional bolder elements, Bird Script turned into a very eye pleasing font, a real mild mixture between the formal demands of the type design and the warmth of the calligraphy. Its ligatures, ornaments and alternates make Bird Script Pro and Bird Script Light Pro look alive and give them a unique text pattern, especially in the smaller sizes.

Bird Script font – get it and make your writing dance!

Bird Script received a “Certificate of Excellence” at the 2014 Tipos Latinos Biennale.

The Bird Script typeface is a brainchild of the Argentinian type designer Maximiliano Sproviero, the famous founder of the Lian Types foundry. Here you can have a look at specimens of his work: Heroe font, Dream Script font, Beatle font, String font, Erotica font, Brand font, etc.

Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Maximiliano Sproviero
Publisher: Lián Types



Bird Script font

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