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Decora Arabic font

Decora Arabic font
Download Decora Arabic font

Decora Arabic font is the latest creation of Naghi Naghashian that could be described as the arabic “brother” of the existing Decora Pro font. This hot new font is a contemporary version of Naskh developed as calligraphic style in IX Century by Ebn Mogleh. Having smooth, clear lines and premium readability Decora Arabic is excellent solution both for headlines and  body text. Easy-to-use font in many applications facing a wide range of design demands.

Decora Arabic’s design fulfills the following needs:
– Explicitly crafted for use in electronic media fulfills the demands of electronic communication.
A modern interpretation of Naskh which was invented as calligraphic style by Ebn Moghleh, a Persian savant in ninth century. This script is the most widely used and its popularity has increased through the centuries. Most recently, it has served as a basis for the typefaces that are in use today.

– Suitability for multiple applications. Gives the widest potential acceptability.

– Extreme legibility not only in small sizes, but also when the type is filtered or skewed, e.g., in Photoshop or Illustrator.
Decora Arabic’s simplified forms may be artificial obliqued in InDesign or Illustrator, without any loss in quality for the effected text.

– An attractive typographic image.
Decora Arabic was developed for multiple languages and writing conventions.
Decora Arabic supports Arabic, Persian and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.

– The highest degree of calligraphic grace and the clarity of geometric typography.

Designers: Naghi Naghashian
Publisher: Naghi Naghachian



Decora Arabic font by Naghi Naghashian

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