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Oscine font

Oscine font Oscine font
Download Oscine font

Oscine is a new font family that offers some quite unique features. Among them are highly unusual lowercase, subtle differentiation between weights, high x-heights, missing tails and spurs on some letters, rounded etc. It all serves one purpose – to make the Oscine font easily recognizable and with strong personality without impeding its functionality. It has very condensed feel and geometrical expression. What is more – the feel of the Oscine font can be altered depending on whether the uncommon lowercase and more conventional uppercase are used together or independently. The uppercase adds serious grotesk feeling while the lowercase accounts for the more friendly and humane appearance that give the font its recognition factor.

It is important to note that Oscine is not a text font. Its on screen impact and clarity at large sizes make it very flexible typeface that is suitable for many situations and applications like wayfinding, titles, headlines. Moreover, the strong design features of Oscine make it perfect to be used as a brand font.

Oscine font is published by Dalton Maag Foundry of South London, famous for its other fonts: Soleto font, Prometo font, Tornac font, Effra Corp font.

Get Oscine font and be easily recognized!

Supported languages: Afar, Afrikaans, Albanian, Aragonese, Aymara, Basque, Bislama, Bosnian (Latin Script), Breton, Catalan, Chamorro, Cornish, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, Fijian, Finnish, French, Galician, Ganda, German, Greenlandic, Haitian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Ido, Indonesian, Interlingua, Interlingue, Irish, Italian, Javanese, Kazakh (Latin Script), Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kongo, Kuanyama, Kurdish (Latin Script), Latin, Latvian, Limburgish, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Malagasy, Malay (Latin Script), Maltese, Manx, Moldovan (Latin Script), Nauruan, Navajo, Northern Sami, North Ndebele, Norwegian, Occitan, Oromo, Polish, Portuguese, Quechua, Raeto-Romance, Romanian, Samoan, Sardinian, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian (Latin Script), Shona, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Southern Sotho, South Ndebele, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swati, Swedish, Tagalog (Latin Script), Tahitian, Tatar (Latin Script), Tongan, Tsonga, Tswana, Turkish, Turkmen (Latin Script), Twi, Uyghur (Latin Script), Uzbek (Latin Script), Venda, Volapuk, Walloon, Welsh, Western Frisian, Wolof, Xhosa, Zulu.

Designers: Bruno Maag, Ron Carpenter, Fernando Caro, Rafael Saraiva
Publisher: Dalton Maag



Oscine font

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