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14 impressive font debuts on MyFonts - 2014, 2nd half
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14 impressive font debuts

14 impressive fonts

Fontmatters’ selection of the 14 most impressive designers’ debuts on MyFonts – 2014, 2nd half

Last year we started an initiative aimed at supporting the recognition of young and talented type designers who are at the beginning of their professional path. We feel that it is very important for them to be promoted at every possible level in order to boost their dedication and self-confidence. We meant our selection of fonts by debut designers on MyFonts to be a yearly event but during 2014 we have been surprised with so many impressive works that we published the first half of it in the middle of the year. Now we are happy to announce our choice of font families for the 2nd part of 2014. Enjoy!


By date of publishing:

Duván Cárdenas with the Art Deco style Emblema

14 impressive font

Emblema font family is reviving the style of Art Deco. This sans serif typeface uses lowercase letters with decreased x-height contrasting with strong and large capitals. Excellent legibility balanced by generous spacing between characters. Perfect for vintage titles, posters and body text. Check also our preview about his latest project – Emblema Headline.
For more about Duván Cárdenas visit his portfolio on Behance.


Svetlana Usljebrka with the monoline sans Innervers Gothic

Innervers Gothic

Innervers Gothic by the Serbian type designer Svetlana Usljebrka is a type family of six low-contrast monoline super-elliptical Sans Serif fonts featuring Grotesk and geometric morphology.


Motoki Higa with the exotic slab serif Wacca


Wacca is a contemporary humanist slab serif type family with strong presence and unique look. It provides organic, handwritten style for your distinctive, eye-catching designs.
Read more about Motoki on www.motokihiga.com


Ermin Međedović with his economic Lipa Agate

Lipa Agate

Lipa Agate is a sans serif typeface specially designed to be used either in very small text sizes, preferably under 10 pt, or in very bad printing conditions. It offers 3 levels of condensation, 2 sets of high and low x-heights, 4 weights – a total of 24 stunning fonts.
Read more about Ermin Međedović on www.ermin.me


Spike Spondike with her retro Blenny


Blenny is an amiable friendly typeface with high contrast and very strong visual presence. Its soft curves and overexposed terminals are carrying retro but nevertheless cool spirit, perfect for branding, packaging, headlines, posters, etc.


Panco Sassano with his elegant calligraphic Horizontes Script

Horizontes Script

Horizontes Script is a spontaneous and elegant calligraphic typeface written with less dynamic in pen width but with a lot of originality and charm in every single detail.
For more about visit Panco’s page.


Michel Derre with the calligraphic Algo FY

Algo FY

Algo FY is a three-weight calligraphic typeface family with a strong visual presence. Its Gothic-like sculptural shapes are both dynamic and steady, primitive and crafted in details, stable and unpredictable.
Check out Michel Derre’s layers for Algo FY on Behance.


Seth Taylor with a vintage look slab Stendo


Stendo has a vintage look – something that is always in fashion. Fonts like this never leave the stage, moreover – there is a trend of reviving vintage type and using it for modern designs. Excellent for text and display use.
Seth Taylor is American based designer. Check out his portfolio on Behance.


Ryan Keightley with the friendly monoline Sparkle Script

Sparkle Script

Sparkle Script is a fresh and friendly monoline script font following the logic of the natural handwriting and inheriting much of the style of what we were taught in school when we first started writing.
See more about Ryan’s artistic works on www.ryankeightley.com


Philip Lammert with the Neo-Grotesque sans Peter


Peter is a Neo-Grotesque Sans Serif with static and clear basic letterforms that can be positioned somewhere between Arial and Helvetica. It comes in eight weights with respective Italics with 600 glyphs for each one of them.
Philip Lammert is a German based type designer.


Rebecca Hurst with her modern grotesque Grottel


Grottel is a fine and balanced sans serif family designed in the Grotesque morphology and structure.
More about Rebecca Hurst on http://www.hashtagtype.com/


Henrique Beier with his elegant and exotic Graviola


Graviola is soft and friendly typefase with semi-rounded terminals. It comes in 8 weights. Each font contains 533 glyphs, supporting more than 40 languages.
Henrique Beier is a graphic designer based in Porto Alegre. Check out his portfolio on Behance.


Carolina Marando with the decorative and vintage Distillery


Distillery is a result of several influences – from the Arts & Crafts movement of the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century to some hipster trends of the early 70s.
See more lovely works by Carolina Marando on carolinamarando.prosite.com


Justyna Sokołowska with the tight, condensed sans Erazm


Erazm is a tight, condensed sans serif display typeface developed in a family of 4 fonts. It’s a nice family of strong and prominent uprights with very interesting and provocative italics – a perfect combination for successful design.


Banner font – Graviola. Special thanks to Henrique Beier.

Fontmatters’ selection of the 14 impressive font debuts on MyFonts – 2014, 2nd half
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