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Clasica font

Clasica font Clasica font Clasica font
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Clasica font family is a fresh and contemporary slab serif designed by Latinotype. Developed in 9 different weights Clasica shows a lot of diversity and originality and if you want to double it, simply use the 9 corresponding italics. With the total of 18 outlines, this family breaks thru the boundaries of ordinary and becomes a real workhorse if you are seriously involved in editorial design, print ads etc. Clasica covers the whole range – from large text paragraphs in small size to extra large contrast headlines and subheads. Regardless its use, size, alignment etc, this family has very solid and consistent look mostly because of its balanced contrast and strong serifs that form visible horizontal lines that keep the text tight. Legibility is another great achievement in this font – though it is a serif face which means more complicated geometry, Clasica has the readability similar to those of geometrical sans – a great advantage if you decide to use it for e-books, mobile apps or as resident font. All in all it is a typeface based on classic proportions but looking fresh and contemporary, appropriate for many and different designs.

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Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Designers: Enrique Hernandez
Publisher: Latinotype



Clasica font

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