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Christopher Columbus handwriting font project on Kickstarter
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Columbus handwriting font

Columbus handwriting
Christopher Columbus Handwriting Font Project on Kickstarter

As big admirers of the type design we feel very lucky to live in times when great projects are released virtually every day and we have the opportunity to enjoy such staggering variety. Every day we stumble upon a new sample of the greatness of the human ability and imagination. But some ideas and some projects are really special as they pay tribute to the greatest men that have ever lived and make us remember their formidable legacy. There are a few great examples that have been published recently. In the late 2013 we witnessed the success the Sigmund Freud font reviving the original handwriting of Sigmund Freud and later, in 2014, there was Emily In White font dedicated to Emily Dickinson. Now in 2015 we are very close to see the digital version of the natural writing of probably one of the greatest explorers in the human history and the central figure of the Great Geographic Discoveries – Christopher Columbus. Thanks to the great effort of Paul Poultorak this idea has recently turned into a real project on Kickstarter.

The font, of course, replicates the handwriting of Columbus. The work on it has already started and is to be completed in October. Having mentioned the word work, we would like to accentuate on the enormous amount of toil, effort and time this project consumes. Just imagine the stages of creation of such font goes through. First, gathering of samples of Columbus’s handwriting. Journals, letters, notes etc. which are not as many as we wish as most of them have unfortunately been lost. Then comes the extremely careful analysis of the handwriting and the careful scrutiny of each letter. And finally – the most difficult part – the drawing of the font itself and above all, its creation in a manner that will comply with the modern technology and will answer the needs of the contemporary users.

Therefore, Fontmatters team cannot but sincerely congratulate Paul Poultorak for his magnificent idea and enormous effort and thanks him for the opportunity to remember the life and deeds of a man as great as Columbus himself!


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