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LOVEly script fonts

10 lovely script fonts

Fontmatters’ selection of the 10 lovely script fonts and 3 special entries for your Valentine’s Greetings

14th February is getting closer and Fontmatter’s team decided to make a short but helpful selection of 10 lovely script fonts for your Valentine’s Greetings + 3 special entries that somehow give a different viewpoint to this holiday. All of them are elegant emotional scripts full of love, charm and beauty – a perfect choice for every Valentine’s greeting card or love message. We don’t call our selection ‘top 10’ and we don’t compare the fonts inside trying to find which is No.1 – they are all excellent and each of them has its own character, presence and dedication to Valentine’s day and all lovers. Here they are – Enjoy!


Poem Script Pro font by Alejandro Paul

lovely script fonts

Poem Script Pro font is designed in the spirit of the 19th century American pen script tradition. It’s a full reflection of the incredible control and skills of the old craftsmen to transform poetry, emotions, feelings and movements into incredible ornamental letterforms. Read more.


Dulcinea font by Ramiro Espinoza

lovely script fonts

Dulcinea font is named after “Dulcinea del Toboso”, the fictional beauty from Miguel de Cervantes’s ‘Don Quixote’, a work that reveals many of the period’s conflicts, such as the contrast between utopian ideals and reality, uncertainty and madness. Read more.


Wishes Script font by Sabrina Mariela Lopez

lovely script fonts

Wishes Script font is OpenType programmed typeface offering a wide spectrum of graphic design tools: frames, ribbons, hearts, flowers, ornaments, swashes, endings, ligatures, and all the alternates you need to create eye-catching designs. Read more.


Medusa font by Ramiro Espinoza

lovely script fonts

Medusa font is inspired by the 19th Century Catalonian pointed pen calligraphy and is a kind of dedication to one of the most renowned masters of Spanish calligraphy, Ramón Stirling. Read more.


Platinus Script Pro font by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul

lovely script fonts

Platinus Script Pro font by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul (Sudtipos foundry) is another good example of what has become a Sudtipos tradition: Tailoring conventional calligraphic pre-digital techniques to produce contemporary digital scripts. Read more.


Erotica font by Maximiliano Sproviero

lovely script fonts

Erotica font is probably one of the best calligraphic font families designed ever. Unlike many other similar fonts, Erotica is so flexible, sophisticated and well-designed that you could customize almost everything in your word or text. Read more.


Parfumerie Script font by Sabrina Mariela López

lovely script fonts

Parfumerie Script font family is probably the best and most sophisticated one designed by Argentina based designer Sabrina López. Parfumerie Script is very useful when you want impressive look for your love greeting, celebration or even emotional message. Read more.


Bellissima Script Pro font by Alejandro Paul

lovely script fonts

Bellissima Script Pro font has an effusive energy that appeals much beyond its sourcing. It’s intended for these modern times of appreciation for old crafty things like stationery and letterpress, where its origins help it shine brightly. Read more.


Quarzo font by Manuel Eduardo Corradine and Sergio Ramírez

lovely script fonts
Quarzo font  is a fine elegant and ornamental script. It is inspired by the flexible nib to create a concatenation of refinement with character mixing the contrasted strokes with emphasized but rounded corners. Read more.


Olidia font by Jeremy Dooley

lovely script fonts
Olidia is a script with tall sweeping ascenders packed with alternates and ligatures. Olidia Pro includes over 40 alternate characters and 20 ligatures. Read more.

… and 3 Special Entries

Charcuterie font by Laura Worthington

lovely script fonts
Most type designers (even the top one) usually design a single typeface developed in many different weights, featuring alternates, swashes, ornaments, ligatures and many other useful stuff. That is what we are used to see. Unlike all masters of type Laura Worthington has just released her tremendous work in type design – the Charcuterie font. Read more.


Cantoni font by Debi Sementelli

lovely script fonts
Cantoni font family is a hand lettered typeface with a variety of standard and alternate characters that play together well. And with a total of 1265 glyphs, you can play for as long as you like. Read more.


Valentines Pro by The Fontmaker

lovely script fonts
Valentines Pro consists of 50+ hand-lettered love expressions and sentiments for various romantic purposes: from St.Valentine’s greeting cards to email/ letter signatures, to engagement, wedding and anniversary accessories and gifts. Read more.

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