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Maximiliano Sproviero Interview – part 2

Maximiliano Sproviero
Fontmatters presents Maximiliano Sproviero and his Lián Types foundry

After the sincere stories told in the 1st part of our interview, learn more from the kitchen of one of the most successful type designers of our time – Maximiliano Sproviero and his foundry Lián Types in Part 2 of our exclusive Christmas interview!

Business or pleasure – is your hobby called “typography”?
I like this question, haha. I still don’t get used to say ‘I’m working’ when I’m designing a font. And this may be because I really love what I do!
Typography is what I do for living, but I design for pleasure: In this world you have to pay for everything, so I’m thankful that creativity is still free. Sometimes, I just sit and start making soul traces with a brush and think of that. I can’t believe I’m paid for something I like this much!


Maximiliano Sproviero


Team or single – how do you prefer to work and what are your future plans?
I usually go on my own because it is not easy to find a partner to work with, and this can be either due to the timing, the objectives, the taste of type. But if you’re lucky to find one, it can be really helpful.
When I was studying graphic design several years ago, I met Sabrina Lopez who I consider a great typographer to work with. We both have similar taste in type so it’s always a pleasure to share my projects with her and vice-versa. We are planning to make something together soon, like we did once.
In the future, I hope I can make a big team of talented typographers. I’m a person who enjoys teaching a lot, so if anybody is willing to join me and has some interesting projects in mind… I welcome you!


Maximiliano Sproviero


Classic or modern – where is your location in type design and calligraphy?
In order to make nice looking modern scripts you must learn classic first. I think that what I do is a mix of them. I usually prefer being classy, with a little touch of modern. Classic will always be beautiful to the eye. Modern/trendy fonts usually have an expiration date…


Maximiliano Sproviero


Fame or inspiration – what is motivating you in your work?
I always ask myself ‘what if?’ and that’s it. I love calligraphy so much that I tend to make experiments with that question. I like mixing styles and tools. It is motivating to know that there’s always something new to make.
But, it’s true that sometimes fame encourages me to go on; it’s really satisfying to know that others enjoy my work. When I was awarded by TDC because of my Erotica, I can say that my life changed. It meant a big step to me in my life. However, awards can be a double-edged weapon if they turn you into an arrogant person. I believe that we, type-designers, should be always willing to learn more and more. This field is so amazing that it has a lot to offer even if you are an experienced designer.

Where do you want to see one of your best fonts used in?
Although I’m always surprised and glad when I find them in use, my dream is to see them on the cover of a very popular music band or movie. One of the best uses I have ever seen with one of my typefaces was in 2011, when the loops and swashes of Breathe were dancing around the models of a Victoria’s Secret campaign. Sexy fonts and sexy girls.


Dream Script font


Do you believe that every font matters? (this is a question to explain the importance of typography, letters, type design in our life & culture)
I believe they do. We, as type-designers, should be conscious that we are writing history here. Above I said that I’m afraid of trends in type. I don’t like thinking of typography as a volatile product. A font should be eternally beautiful and that’s my aim when I start a new one. I ask myself: How can I achieve that? What things can make this font unique and interesting forever?
If we think of Typography as a ‘fast-food’ product, we are lost: A font that will last one or two months in our imaginary, is a non-sense to me. Every font matters because they somehow show the present we are in. We can (or at least we should try) learn something from every new font. This way, Typography will feed from itself and grow.

Discounts or originality – What makes a font a bestseller?
Both. But, unfortunately, sometimes originality won’t make you a best seller if it’s too far from the current trend. When I start a font I usually ask myself if it’s going to sell well. Even if the answer isn’t positive, I give it a chance. The truth is that I like being innovative with my fonts even if I know it may not be easy to be usable.
I have made fonts with the only purpose of sending them to competitions. In example, my Dream Script: It was a good, not great, seller this year; but, due to its originality it was awarded by the Communication Arts. My font Beatle is another example of being original rather than ordinary.
My secret formula? Ok. Being innovative and fashionable at the same time. Yes, it’s possible. Then add a little discount to it and… voilà!


The End


Maximiliano Sproviero on Lián Types, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MyFonts.
Photos by Eli Higa.

Fontmatters, ©2014


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