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Latina font family – another typographic lesson by Latinotype

Latina font
Download Latina font

It is safe to say that now the admirers of the type design art are living in something like a golden age. The fast development of technology has led to a significant rise of the interest in typography and the great chance to witness the work of countless designers and foundries. However, there are some foundries that have turned their names into a guaranty for the quality of their work. One such foundry is the famous Chile based Latinotype. Its designers are renowned for their talent and professionalism but we think that the most remarkable side of their work is the way they work as a team.

Their last release – Latina font family, is another example of their team spirit. It is designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida with the help of the whole team. It is a typeface designed especially for continuous reading and longer texts. Although that its forms are obviously inspired by some calligraphic samples, this influence is subjected to the desire to make Latina as neutral, highly legible and elegant as possible. Still, this combination between calligraphy and geometry gives the font family its unique forms and make it look like a lesson in typography in terms of its appearance. But, as we all know, the look is not the only important issue in the modern times. Fuenzalida supplies 11 weights – Thin, Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, Ultra Bold, Black, Heavy and Ultra Heavy, all with their respective Italics, and provides support for 219 languages. The typeface is packed with OpenType features and forms like Small Caps, Ordinals, Discretionary ligatures, Superiors and Inferiors, Numerators, Denominators, Currency symbols, Tabular figures, Oldstyle figures, etc.

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Get Latina font family and enjoy its elegance!

Designers: Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Latinotype Team
Publisher: Latinotype


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